Nepal - Everest Marathon - November 2005

Friday, November 04, 2005


Arrived yesterday and have had a day's sight seeing round Kathmandu. A complete sensory overload with noises, smells and colour. Visited the Monkey Buddhist temple and then had a guided tour round Durbar Square in Thamel which you have to see to believe.

Rather tired, and hot after walking around all day. Had a medical and group briefing this am, I am group medic for the "Cuckoos" the two other groups being the "early birds'' and the ''late birds''. We have approx 23 runners in each group, most European, with a few others.

Tested out the medical kit including the altitude chamber, portable stretcher and oxygen.

We are getting up at 4 am (groan) tomorrow to leave for Lulkla, flying in small planes, weight restriction of 12k only which isn't alot!!


  • Hi Fina,

    I forgot to mention the sensory overload of Nepal which you have now experienced!! Hope you like Monkey Temple, I remember that being one of my favourite bits.

    Fantastic that you have this website so we can follow your progress: have an amazing time!!

    Lisa xx

    By Blogger Lisa, at Wed Nov 09, 03:50:00 PM 2005  

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